Be Skinny Not Obese In Few Months After Taking Reductil Pills

27.06.18 Posted By Catherine Zeta-Jones

Who does not love skinny figure these days? All girls wish to have such body that is having a perfect shape. You dream of such body after watching your favorite celebs on TV. For those who are fatty but not obese can achieve the goals after workouts. But those who fall into the category of obese find it difficult to lose at once all the excessive body weight they have. Obese women become disappointed when they are mocked and ridiculed over their body shape. They find it difficult to get close to boys whom they love or like. Passing through such phase is tough for those obese patients. Even boys who have so much of weight and improper shape want to set their weight in balance.

Correcting and bringing your weight in balance can be done with the help of Reductil (Sibutramine) 15mg pills. Those pills work magical over your body and burn your fat making you look slimmer. After successful treatment for some months, you will observe the huge change in your body shape. The desire and dream to look same in the figure as your favorite celeb will come true. It is you who have to put much effort in reducing weight with the help of medication and exercises.        

Generic component of Reductil: This has active ingredient as Sibutramine.

The dosage form of this medicine: This is solid dosage form and comes as tablet form.

Dosage strength about this medicine: This comes as strength as 15 mg.

Class of this medicine: This is serotonin and norepinephrine reuptake inhibitor.

An indication of this Reductil medicine: This drug form helps in reducing your excessive weight that is making you look obese. This is a short-term therapy of obesity.

Mode of its activity of Reductil: Sibutramine shows its activity by prohibiting the reuptake of serotonin and norepinephrine. It works through M1 and M2 amine metabolite. This promotes the feeling of satisfaction and lessens appetite and also lessens food ingestion.

Dosage scheme about this Reductil medicine: This medicine is used as 15 mg strength. It is used once daily with or without meals.

Factors that are to be contraindicated are as:

  • 1.  Do not use this medicine when you feel allergic to its ingredients.
  • 2.  Do not use this medicine when you have an eating disorder, or high blood pressure.
  • 3.  Do not use this medicine when the history of stroke, heart disorder, or using stimulant diet pills.
  • 4.  Do not use this medicine when your age falls lower than 16 years.
  • 5.  Do not use this medicine when using MAO inhibitors in past 14 days before or after using this product.


  • 1.  Stop boozing if using this medicine for weight loss as alcohol affects the drug action.
  • 2.  The impaired thought process can be there so be careful when you drive or perform anything.
  • 3.  Do not use larger or smaller than prescribed by your doctor.
  • 4.  Do not share with anyone.
  • 5.  Avoid using up of a cough or cold medicines.

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Some common after effects mostly observed with this medicine are as mild skin rash, changes in appetite, stomach pain, constipation, back pain, joint pain, flu signs, the warmth of skin, tingling of the skin, insomnia, nervousness, and dizziness.

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