Boost Your Sensual Power with Suhagra Tablets

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Weak erection is common disorder related to men that cause trouble in sensual life. There can be several psychological reasons which trigger weak erection in men such as men who had been abused physically in their childhood usually face the performance anxiety issues more than others. Some men who have low self-esteem often feel insecure and nervous during the intimate session and these results in soft erections. Over masturbation is another cause of this problem and also interferes with a steady relationship. Over masturbation mostly causes premature ejaculation and weak erection in young men. The pressure in work or personal life can also cause erection issues, therefore, people with high anxiety level often face this problem. Finding the root cause for this inability is very important for a healthy sensual life. Suhagra is your best remedial measure if you have been struggling with erection issues. Suhagra improves your sensual performance and gives you a sustained erection at the time of love making activity.

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Suhagra is made up of Sildenafil Citrate which belongs to the class of PDE5 inhibitor. Suhagra is a popular medication used for the treatment of erectile dysfunction. Suhagra helps in improving the flow of blood in the penile region and helps in maintaining an erection that is required during the sensual activity. Sildenafil Citrate acts by inhibiting the phosphodiesterase-PDE5 enzyme which is found particularly in the corpus cavernosum tissue present in the male reproductive area. The drug blocks this enzyme’s ability to regulate the flow of blood. Sexual stimulation leads to erection and causes the production and release of nitric oxide. Due to the release of Nitric oxide, the enzyme guanylate cyclase becomes activated and produces cyclic guanosine monophosphate (cGMP). This causes an increase in blood flow and helps in maintaining sufficient erection.

Dosage Information:

Suhagra is accessible in the form of tablets and comes in the strength of 100 mg. This tablet is to be taken orally with sufficient amount of water as prescribed by the doctor. You should take this tablet at least half an hour before your romantic sessions. Try not to break or chew the tablet, swallow it as a whole. Avoid a heavy meal before using this medication.

Common side effects:

Some of the common side effects like dizziness, facial flushing, indigestion, stuffy nose, effects on vision and headache are likely to occur. Consult with your doctor immediately if the side effects worsen or persist.

Warnings and Precautions:

  • Do not use Suhagra tablet if you are allergic to any of its ingredients.
  • Avoid alcoholic beverages or grapefruit juice while taking Suhagra Tablets.
  • Suhagra tablets should not be used in patients on nitrate medicines for chest pain or heart problems.
  • Inform your doctor before using this drug if you are suffering from kidney problems, heart disease or diabetes.
  • Suhagra tablets should only be used by the person above 18 years.

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