Completely Eradicate the Pain from Your Life by Using Dihydrocodeine

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It is frustrating and humiliating for chronic pain suffers to plan their social life. They lack commitment towards their normal routine works because they are not sure how much pain they will be in on any given day. It is quite frustrating for them when they fail to complete their urgent works on time. Sometimes, you might have seen a person canceling his or her important schedule or meetings at the last minute because of the pain. The continuous uncertainty about how much pain they feel each day makes the planning of their daily schedule difficult. The severe and enduring pain will complicate the social life of the people and they may find trouble in enjoying their life to the fullest. Chronic pain not only ruins their social life, but they also get misinterpreted by their loved ones and their family members. People who keep on ignoring pain can suffer from severe health problems and they get distracted from doing normal life activities. Thus, it is crucial for people to manage their pain on time by using Dihydrocodeine so that they can enjoy the pain-free life.

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Dihydrocodeine 30mg tablets is an outstanding painkiller extensively employed in the management of moderate to severe pain caused by several medical conditions including sciatica, Paget’s disease, and shingles. This drug is also safe and efficacious in the management of joint and bone pain including osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis or arthritis of the spine), and pain caused by blood vessel ailments, cancer or after operations.

Dihydrocodeine (a potent opioid) is metabolized into a highly active metabolite called Dihydromorphine. It has a high affinity for mu opioid receptors and binds to the mu opioid receptors. The binding of dihydromorphine to the mu opioid receptors causes an alteration in the perception of pain in the brain that leads to the analgesic effects.

Dihydrocodeine is commercially available in a tablet dosage form in dosing strength of 30mg. The dose recommended of Dihydrocodeine for the treatment of any types of pain is that take one Dihydrocodeine 30mg tablet orally at every 4 to 6 hours, with sufficient amount of water. Dihydrocodeine 30mg tablet can be taken orally with or regardless of food.

Not all the users of Dihydrocodeine tablets, but some of them may encounter a few undesired effects such as lightheadedness, headache, blurred vision, alteration in mood, abdominal pain, dry mouth, constipation, confusion, shallow breathing, and trouble in urination.

Things to be remembered while using Dihydrocodeine:

Avoid the consumption of alcohol or sedative pills while relying on the treatment of Dihydrocodeine medicine. Intake of Dihydrocodeine may cause lightheadedness or sleepiness, so do not perform any hazardous task after using this drug. Do not allow patients with breathing troubles or hepatic ailments to use this drug. Contradict the utilization of Dihydrocodeine in patients who are allergic to any of the constituent of this drug. People who are addicted to alcohol or drugs should consult a doctor before using Dihydrocodeine.

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