Do Not Let Epilepsy Strike You Down, Before It Use Rivotril

10.07.18 Posted By Nicole Kidman

Epilepsy can be unpredictable, some people can have it multiple times within a day and some have once in a year. This situation is frustrating for people having this disorder as well as for their families. Epilepsy is characterized by abnormality of neurons inside the brain that are responsible for transmitting the signals. Epileptic seizures result in convulsions, involuntary moments, and altered behavior and your emotions. It also varies in frequency among children and adults. More seizures you will have, more worse it will be for your brain. The problem grows when this stars to interfere with your daily tasks. Some other main causes of epilepsy are as tumors, brain injuries, and genetic factors.

Some of the tools and test that are used to detect this problem of yours are as EEG’s, Blood tests, MRI’s, and neurological testing. Once you will find the root cause of epilepsy, you can tailor the best and effective plan for curing seizures. It is studied that about 70% of people can treat their seizures by medicine or surgery. RIVOTRIL (CLONAZEPAM) 2MG is opted as the best medicine for preventing and treating your seizure disability. This medicine will help you in being normal again. Only your patience and exact dosing pattern is required. 

This brand of medicine Rivotril is composed of the generic version as………. Clonazepam.

This medicine is classified under the category of………….. Benzodiazepines.

This is a solid dosage form that comes as………… tablet form.

This comes as strength such as…………..2 mg.

Advantages of this medicine:

This form of medicine is been helpful in preventing and treating seizure disorder. This is useful as a sedative and is helpful in abating anxiety and seizure disease. Epilepsy happens in any age group so this problem should be treated earliest with this medicine. Its action is mainly over the brain to produce calmness within you.

The mechanism by which this medicine works inside:

When there is an interaction between the benzodiazepine receptors and GABA receptors then it will potentiate the effects of GABA. There is high inhibition of ascending reticular activating system. Therefore there is a block in cortical and limbic arousal and leads to stimulation of reticular formation. In such a way your seizure disorder can be prevented.

Dosage pattern regarding this medicine:

The advised dose for adult patients must never be more than 1.5 mg within per day in three divided dosages. The maintenance dose for adult patients is about 8-10 mg within per day in three divided doses. Those children whose weight is 30 kg’s or less and whose age is up to 10 years, the dose is based over your weight. It must be taken with food on empty stomach.

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Parameters to be contradicted are as follows:

  1. 1.       Those having sensitivities with its ingredients should not use this medicine.
  2. 2.       Those having acute narrow-angle glaucoma or closed angle glaucoma should not use this drug.
  3. 3.       Those having breathing problems, liver disorder, and sleep apnea should not use this drug form.

Some safety parameters to follow are as:

  1. 1.       Prevent taking up of grapefruit juices as those alter the drug action.
  2. 2.       Alcohol should be prevented as this might cause affect in your drug activity.
  3. 3.       Monitor your hepatic as well as renal functionality.
  4. 4.       Ask your doctor before using in pregnancy or lactating mothers.
  5. 5.       Be careful while using in senior patients and start with a low dose in them.
  6. 6.       Do not shun the dose at once as withdrawal signs could be possible.

Be cautious about some aftermaths that can precipitate such as clumsiness, drowsiness, muscle weakness, tiredness, weakness, and light headedness. 

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