Ease The Nerve Pain And Increase The Joy With Lyrica

24.06.18 Posted By James Flavin

Our body works through the densely expanded nervous system we have. There are two types of the nervous system one is central nervous system and peripheral nervous system. The peripheral nerves are more in number and these are spread through the body like the branches and they transmit the signal back to the trunk which is the central nervous system or brain and spinal cord. When everything is normal, your brain gets the information it needs through the impulses sent out by the sensory neurons and then transmit signals to the motor neurons and you would be able to can move your muscles, recognize pain, or keep the organs working. This happens when things work normally, now let’s see what happens when the nerves get damaged, when that happens you can get various types of difficulties even walking can get difficult and you may start to get unrelenting pain, or you may as well get a serious injury because even the stimulation gets lost in certain cases.

Approximately 20 million Americans are said to be suffering from peripheral nerve damage or neuropathy and this is only in America the worldwide numbers are even huger. Diabetes the most prevalent cause and the other most prevalent cause is genetic or anatomical defect the other two most prevalent reasons of neuropathy are repetitive motion and Lyme disease. This condition is characterized by excruciating pain which has been described by patients such as burning, shooting, pins and needles and throbbing. In order to get the pain reduced you need painkillers that can help in this condition and the normal painkiller won’t work. A drug called Lyrica (Pregabalin) 300mg capsule is very effective in such painful condition.

Lyrica is a very effective analgesic or painkiller for the minimization of nerve pain occurring for various reasons. This drug immensely relies upon people suffering from nerve pain occurring for various reasons such as diabetes, shingles, herpes zoster and spinal cord injury. Pregabalin is the key therapeutic active ingredient available in Lyrica which mitigates the pain and thus improves the quality of life.

Pregabalin belongs to a therapeutic category called anticonvulsant. This drug acts by holding off the discharge of certain neurotransmitters the release of which is completely dependent on calcium channels. The suppression of these neurotransmitters blocks the transmission of pain signals that traverse from injured region to meet up in CNS. Thus, via this way medicine relieves the patient from the pain of neuropathy.

Lyrica can be accessed as an oral formulation in variable dosing strength such as 25, 50, 75, 100, 150, 200 & 300mg.

  • People suffering from diabetic neuropathy are often recommended strength of Lyrica 50 mg for about three times a day. Max in a day patient can tolerate 300mg dosing.
  • Spinal cord injury calls for stronger doses as the pain intensity is high and the general dose offered which is 150 to 600mg per day by ingesting with the lowest dose of 75mg for two times a daily.
  • The recommended dose for nerve pain due to shingles is 75-150mg dosing of Lyrica you can take for about 2 times per day.

Some adverse effects that come as a side effect are an unclear vision, dizziness, puzzlement, constipation, fatigue, hunger, headache, speech disturbance, and edema in patients.

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Preventive measures should be taken with Lyrica:

  • Do not take Lyrica if you are allergic to Pregabalin
  • Stop the intake of this medication if you are pregnant or in a breastfeeding state
  • Do not abuse alcohol or any hallucination causing drug

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