Effectually Manage Annoying Sensation of Pain Using Dihydrocodeine

26.02.18 Posted By Lucille T. Smith

Pain is state of annoying sensation that can range from mild, localized discomfort to agony that can be emotional and physical. The physical pain may occur due cut, injure, burn that may lead to damage of nerves. There can be an extensive range of symptoms when the nerve is affected that may depend on the location and type of nerves that are affected. Damage can occur to nerves in your brain However, pain can be acute or chronic, acute remains for a moment and chronic may last for more time. Pain can be of different types including a migraine, joint pain, menstrual pain, cold or flu, serious illness, musculoskeletal pain. Pain is intervened by precise nerve fibers that transport the pain desires to the brain where their sensible obligation may be changed by countless factors. Any individual suffering from pain is not capable to continue the quality of life. However, several kinds of pain can be treated with the help of medicine called as Dihydrocodeine Online Prescription as suggested by the doctor.


Dihydrocodeine is an eminent medicine that is commonly intended for the treatment of several kinds of moderate to chronic kinds of pain including pain from surgery or injury and nerve pain. Moreover, it can also be suggested to manage joint pain including relating to arthrosis and arthritis, menstrual pain, migraine, pain caused by serious illness, pain caused by the cold or flu. It is kind of fast-acting painkiller that takes less than half an hour to develop active and offers approximately four hours of relief. Dihydrocodeine comes in the family of medications known as opioids (morphine derivatives). It shows action by hindering or decreasing pain signals traveling between the nerves and the brain. Therefore, even though the cause of the pain may continue, less pain is really felt. Apart from these, this medicine can also be suggested to manage to overpower coughing tickly coughs.  

The dosing regimen: Dihydrocodeine is prepared as prolonged release tablet form so the patient should consume the medicine orally with the help of a full glass of water. Patients whose stomach is sensitive are recommended to consume the medicine with or after meals to avoid stomach distress. The dose can be changed as per the condition of the patient so before administration consults the doctor. You should not overdose the medicine as this may show unwanted effects and take as early as possible in the case of a missed dose.

The possible side effects: Common side effects may probably occur such as dizziness, dry mouth, gastrointestinal symptoms (e.g. stomach ache, nausea, and constipation), and sleepiness, and concentration difficulties.

Defensive measures while using Dihydrocodeine: In case you are allergic to any constituent you should not consume the medicine. This is recommended to consult the doctor in case you are suffering from an asthma attack, lung disease. You should not consume alcohol or any other sedative products as these may enhance the side effects. After taking this medicine you should not drive or operate any machinery until you feel better. In case you are pregnant and breastfeeding women then you should consult the doctor.

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