Epilepsy: Introduction, causes, diagnosis and treatment with Rivotril

29.11.17 Posted By Angela A. Hardin

Epilepsy is a condition characterized by twitching and convulsions which is also known as seizures.  These seizures happen are a result of erratic impulses of high intensity sent out by the neurons, in other words, it is a result of the confusion that the brain goes through due to these faulty signals. Epilepsy can interfere with daily routine work of a person and can affect simple things such as driving, cooking, changing lanes, walking across the road etc complicated and dangerous. Epilepsy though in a majority of people suffering from it, can be well managed through effective medications like Klonopin Generic 2mg Online USA and by other treatments as well.  Managing Epilepsy gets easier if suitable lifestyle changes are made and trigger factors are understood, below we will read about factors, symptoms, and management of Epilepsy.

On a positive note, Epilepsy can be successfully managed in about 70% of the people suffering from it, either by the use of medicines or by surgery, there is, however, always a chance of relapse as the disease is not curable. It, therefore, gets even more important to stick to the changes and management techniques that help you contain seizures.

Epilepsy has been found to affect mostly young people, the incidence is relatively higher in people aged between 5 and 20, although it can affect just about anyone. It can be hereditary or Idiopathic (without a known origin) or can have various other trigger factors such as certain medications, high fever, high or low sugar or sodium concentration can also trigger a seizure.


The hallmark of Epilepsy is a seizure, though there are various kinds of seizures with definite characteristics, some seizures may bring about twitching of arms, legs, hands or other parts of body, then there are convulsions that affect the entire body, unconsciousness, impaired speech, twitching ion the face, no control over bowels or bladder, and stillness with a mental blackout.


It may seem that a seizure lasted for longer but generally, a seizure lasts between 60 to 90 seconds. Some of them last for a few minutes, even though, it can take hours before you can return to longer and at times there is no memory of what happened during a seizure.


Complete physical and neurological examination is used by most doctors for identification of Epilepsy. Common tests that doctor does perform are EEG (electroencephalogram), Tests like CT scan, MRI etc, in some cases spinal fluid is also used.

Treatment :

A faster acting and prevalent way are by using effective anticonvulsant medications such as Rivotril. Other methods of management are the use of vagus nerve stimulator which is surgically placed in the chest (this method is mostly used when the medication fails to give a response).

Some dietary recommendations made by few doctors involve the use of high fat and low carb diet (also known as ketogenic diet). If none of the above works well for the patient, then brain surgery is recommended. However, as stated above most of these cases can be well managed by the medication and lifestyle changes.

Rivotril is a widely accepted preparation that is used for the effective management of Epilepsy and seizures. Rivotril is a potent medication that diminishes the intensity of seizures and provides control over it, though it is not a cure for Epilepsy. The drug acts by decreasing the erroneous impulses sent out by neurons and balancing certain chemicals that are imbalanced in this state. It is a revered brand of Clonazepam which is an Anti-convulsant and can be given to both adults and children.

Clonazepam is an antiepileptic drug of Benzodiazepine class. This medication acts by binding to GABA receptors thereby increasing the concentration of active GABA (an inhibitory neurotransmitter). This leads to reduced excitatory effects and diminished panic impulses sent out by nerves. This medicine provides a calming and tranquilizing effect.

The preferred adult dose of Rivotril for the management of Epilepsy is 1 mg a day, or less. The dose is gradually increased and reached between 4 mg and 8 mg a day, taken in three divided doses. The maximum dosing limit is 20mg per day. The dose suggested here is generalized and not to be taken as a substitute for doctor's prescription.

A few side effects of this therapy are lack of inhibition, sleep disturbance, headache, fatigue, depression, drowsiness, confusion, and rashes.  


  • Do not take Rivotril Generic Clonazepam 2mg for a long time because this is habit-forming and omission of the drug might induce panic attack
  • The overdose or misuse of this drug can have drastic effects
  • This drug has been found to affects alertness in few, do not drive or do related activities till you know how you respond to the medication

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