Evaluate & Correct Your Infertile Condition By Use Of Hcg Injection

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Infertility is not only a woman condition but men are also equally affected by this helpless condition. Infertility in men is devastating! As inability to become a father not only makes him guilty over his failure but he stands nowhere when talking in terms of manliness and potency. Though many men often tries and many conquer to hide their infertility condition from their women and put all the blame over her. Alas! Not every man is lucky enough in this case as not all women are innocent to be taken to ride!

Therefore men who have a really smart partner have to cope with his condition in any way possible. Testosterone, sperms, testicles (storing house of sperm), and epididymis means the ducts those supply sperms if develops any issues in their functioning then they become the sufferer of infertility. Those who in their magical moment means at climax fail to release semen having an abundance of sperms then attempt to make women pregnant also gets fail. Also, semen without sperms can do nothing. The whole process of men infertility hinges on:

  • Testosterone & other hormones level
  • Sperm density, motility, mobility and functioning ability &
  • Right signaling to and fro of the nervous system

Infertility is either of men or of women is completely treatable by injection of HCG that is Human Chorionic Gonadotropin For Men. Dosing of HCG in men corrects the sperms deficiency, improves motility and levels of testosterone. In women, the HCG injection raises the levels of Progesterone, smoothens the ovulation process, set the menstrual cycle back on track, make good quality ovum for fertilization. The regime of HCG injection is as given:

  • Male patient when given an HCG injection of 4000IU either through IM/Sc route for about thrice a week till 6-9 weeks followed subsequently by injection of 2000IU to about thrice/week. The condition of Hypogonadotropic Hypogonadism of men infertility gets completely corrected.
  • On other the dosing of 10000 IU HCG when given to women via IM/Sc followed by the last dose of menotropins for 3 months their case of Anovulation infertility gets corrected
  • Boys struggling with a case of Prepubertal Cryptorchidism when treated with 5000IU HCG injection on every other day till four injections their undescended testicles gets correctly into the scrotal sac

Side-effects:  HCG injection is responsible to develop some side effects in the patients such as mood jabs, sickness, headache, rash in groin, anxiety, exhaustion, pain, & inflammation at injection site. Some male subjects also reported developing gynecomastia and acne outburst whereas the female has reported deepening in the voice and increased facial hairs.

Cautions: Follow these preventive measures when you’re taking HCG Injection:

  • Schedule a pre-gynecological sitting prior beginning the dosing to know the reason for infertility
  • Multiple pregnancies are a case of this injection so women should remain in constant vigilance to the physician
  • Kids younger than 4 years & woman who’re already pregnant must not be given this injection.

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