Feeling Alone In Your Painful Journey? Accompany Dihydrocodeine

26.04.18 Posted By Feeling Alone In Your Painful Journey? Accompany Dihydrocodeine

One night you sat up on the bed and you have got an awful pain, ohhhhh in the back. You pushed your abdomen and made a face like something is really going wrong with you.  It was 2 am, and you were looking at the clock now, this pain is not letting you sleep. It feels like something is biting you from inside and you don’t know what kind of pain it was.  “Hold on” You were waiting for the pain to subside. You lie on the bed in real distress and it is getting worsening now. It was really nasty and at that time you even did not call your doctor.

Next morning you were feeling restless but not facing any pain so you ignored the last night pain and go to your office. While this keeps going on for several days, and you did not give attention to pain. Your continuance sitting job may be the cause of back pain but you did have another option.  This pain is torturing you and keep you thinking about it only. You stopped paying attention your family or friends and you even did not realize this thing. You were struggling with your clothes, your bed and yourself and sometimes take a painkiller when this pain becomes unbearable.

Dihydrocodeine is a complete medication for your problems and miseries associated with pain.

Dihydrocodeine is a complete solution of your problems and miseries associated with pain. This medicine is number on a painkiller that brings you back on your life track, so your body did not hurt due to that. After taking this medicine you did not feel pain so your mood, your relationship, your memory did not get affected and you better focus on all of these factors.  This drug manages pain to minimize the physical and emotional effects of pain. Use of this medicine overcomes that pain at initial levels so that it does not get changes into chronic one. These tablets can give relief on moderate to severe pain including the pain of sciatica means nerve or leg pain, bone pain (rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, arthritis of the spine), nerve pain and other types of pain including pain after the operation.

The generic drug Dihydrocodeine is highly suggested analgesic that works by metabolizing to dihydromorphine that is a highly active metabolite that has so much of affinity towards the mu opioid receptors. In this way, the user of this medicine forgets the terrible feelings of pain.

Dihydrocodeine is easily available in dosing strength of 30mg that comes in tablet formulation. To get successful results in pain manage management of moderate to severe one, you need to take one dose of this medicine by oral route at a regular interval of 4 to 6 hours with ample amount of water. This dosing works well for the pain of any intensity with or without taking food.  

Dihydrocodeine is responsible for causing some of the side effects such as stomach upset, vomiting, getting rashes, constipation, dried mouth, lightheadedness, dry mouth, drowsiness, and shakiness.

Precautions and warning:

  • Before the intake of Dihydrocodeine medicine tell your doctor if you are sensitive to it or any constituent present in it as it may cause allergic symptoms.
  • You may face stomach bleeding after taking Dihydrocodeine tell your doctor immediately if you notice any symptom of it.

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