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27.07.18 Posted By Anne Hathaway

Epilepsy can be defined as a set of neurological disorders the primary characteristics of which are epileptic seizures. Seizures are episodic and they can last form a very brief almost undetectable period to a very long period coupled with convulsions. These episodes are often repetitive and they can happen at any time or place so there is also a chance of physical injuries which mostly includes broken bones. Epileptic seizures as mentioned above are recurrent and they have no detectable immediate underlying cause. Some seizures which are manifested due to specific underlying causes such as poisoning are seen as isolated events and they do not represent Epilepsy.  The treatment of epilepsy may differ from one part of the globe to another and unfortunately even today people with Epilepsy are subjected to stigma in some parts of the world.

The causes of epilepsy in a majority of cases remain undisclosed or unknown. Though, a brain injury, tumor, a brain stroke etc. are seen as the possible cause of Epilepsy. It can slow be innately caused by a birth defect known as Epileptogenesis.  Seizures however, are caused by heightened neuronal activities in the brain which produces erratic signals. Seizures generally generate from the cortex of the brain. To diagnose an epileptic seizure you have to first rule out causes that produce similar symptoms, it is also important to analyses if the seizure is caused by some other condition such as poisoning or electrolyte imbalance.  A blood test and an imaging are performed to filter down the causes and in a majority of the cases epilepsy is affirmed by electroencephalogram (EEG).

According to the data presented in 2015, about 39 million in the world are suffering from epilepsy and in those; about 80% of cases come from some country in the developing world. In the given year this condition leads to 125,000 deaths even though it can easily be controlled and there are various options available. This condition is found to affect the elderly people and infants more than any other age group. There are various studies which suggest that about 5–10% of the global population might have one or more unprovoked seizure by the age of 80.  In a few countries there are laws that stop a person suffering from Epilepsy to drive till a certain time as it can affect anywhere and road accidents may happen as the person may get unconscious or may not be in the condition to control his/her body and the vehicle.

Rivotril (Clonazepam) 2mg tablet is a famous medication used for Epilepsy, Seizures, Convulsions and Panic Disorders. It reduces the involuntary rigorous movements in the body and offers an immediate response. It contains an FDA approved drug known as Clonazepam as its active ingredient.

Clonazepam forms a complex with GABA that has enhanced affinity to GABA neurotransmitter. This promotes inhibitory action by facilitating the chloride influx and causes hyperpolarization which offers a needed response.

Rivotril is a tablet preparation available in 0.5mg, 1mg, and 2mg. The dosing begins with 1.5 mg per day ingested orally and taken in three divided doses of 0.5mg. In children below the age of 10 dosing is done according to body weight.  

Adverse effects of the therapy are a weakness, drowsiness, clumsiness, unsteadiness, increased salivation, and dizziness.

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Do not drive till you feel ok as this dug can make you feel dizzy or drowsy. Do not smoke or take alcohol as it aggravates the side effects.

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