If You Do Not Want To Be A Loser In Bed, Then Take Cenforce

27.10.17 Posted By Anderson

"Impotence" or "erectile dysfunction" or "big question mark on manhood", "no-man now", "incapable" , "forceless", "biggest failure in bed", " "inefficient" ," incapable".

These are the terms given to man dealing with erection failure.

Solid Erection. This is important for a successful intimacy. That is a basis of the healthy relationship. Erections are powerful. Strong. Yes, fun to play with erections. Why did the erections call as "boners"? TELL.

The reason is that erection gives the feeling of juvenile and a solid man. This makes him feel the "real man".  Lack of erection clearly states that you have lost your manhood and you do not have right to be called as "man.

Erection is the way by which a man connects with his woman. For her, it is the way of meeting the soul while for a man it means "orgasm". Till the erection of man remains protected until man remains in bed with his woman. Not only physically but mentally as well. He understands what his woman wants from him.  As man loses his erection, his mind gets diverted to other work and his attention drag away from his woman.  In his whole day of working, there are few minutes which a man spends by connecting physically as well as mentally with his woman.

Buy Cenforce 100mg

Therefore unbending erection is an important for a relationship, for achieving what you need CENFORCE 200MG.

Cenforce by giving a solid erection makes a man remain in bed for a longer time. This medicine increases the timing of intimacy so that for longer time man remains connected with his woman. Due to your protracted erection, you become safe from the embarrassing situation that no man wants to face in front of his woman. Sildenafil Citrate has been modified and has been advanced to Cenforce. If you are planning to make love and do not want to face erectile failure then you must take it.

The action of Sildenafil Citrate is directly on a PDE-5 enzyme that further stops the splitting of cGMP in the male personal region. At the time of love emergence, nitric oxide starts liberating from the body of a man that creates and preserves cGMP in the male sensitive area. This makes penile muscles relax so that blood flows with high speed in the male sensitive area to achieve a solid erection.

You can choose any dosing strength of Cenforce from 50 mg, 100 mg, 150 mg and 200 mg. Initially, as a beginner start by taking Cenforce 50 mg then increase slowly by 100 mg then 150 mg and then 200 mg. Place it in the mouth, drink a large amount of water before one hour of being in bed. The second dose is suggested to be taken on next day as its activity is for 4 to 5 hours in the body.

Cenforce tablets may develop side effects such as nausea, muscle pain, headache, unpredictability, blistering, irritation of hands and legs, drowsiness, pain the stomach, diarrhea, rashes, illness, extended erection.


Keep yourself away from drinking alcohol as it may increase the dizziness associated with Cenforce. Remain in bed with your woman as you become drowsy after taking Cenforce medicine, as it augments the chances of an accident. Ask your healthcare provider in case of expanded erection for more than 4 hours.


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