If Your Legs Are Jerking Due To Epilepsy Then Opt For Rivotril

28.03.18 Posted By Alfredo

A seizure is surely an alarming situation– in this way your body is telling you that you may have mild or severe epileptic disorder. You have surely many questions regarding this topic that how it is affecting your body? How is it makes you separate from your loved ones? How can you manage this condition? Therefore it is important to understand the cause of epilepsy and its treatment option.

Epilepsy: It is a neurological disorder that affects some or all functions of the brain. It generally happened due to mutated genes, disease or brain injury.  As you know that your brain controls all of your activities from movement to emotions to memory, but an epileptic disorder surely ends everything. In this way, a seizure or unusual behavior or feeling takes place. When we are talking about the seizure we are pointing out someone who is lying on the floor with jerking arms and legs.  Please know that seizure symptoms vary from person to person and everyone has a different experience of it. Some persons facing this disorder get confused or keep staring at something for few seconds. For others, they keep facing uncontrollable jerking moments of arms and legs.  Remaining ones even lose their attentiveness for a shorter duration.  When you ask your doctor they may surely confirm you about the seizures, if you get confirmed about it then you will be prescribed Klonopin Prescription Online for it.

Rivotril is highly prescribed medicine for treatment of the epileptic disorder and its symptoms such as subtle body moments, looking in space continually, sometimes getting unconscious, stiffing muscles, losing muscle control, collapsing or falling down, shorter jerks, recurrent or rhythmic moments of muscles, body stiffness, and many more. This medicine falls into the category of benzodiazepines that are supposed as a sedative or to minimize seizures or anxiety attacks.  Other uses of Rivotril are to treat panic attacks and sleeping problems.

The responsible working component of Rivotril is Clonazepam that is supposed to be work by slowing the activity of nerves present in the brain.  It gets combined with GABA receptors to potentiate the effects of GABA. In this way, it inhibits the cortical and limbic arousal that is followed by stimulation of the reticular pathways.  It reduces the frequency, duration, amplitude, and release in motor seizures.  In this way, this drug gives its beneficial effects on treating the epileptic disorder.

The recommended dosage for treating seizure prophylaxis: Take Rivotril 1.5 mg orally, thrice a day. Increase this dossing by increments of 0.5 mg to 1 mg at every 3 days until seizure comes under control. The highest dosing of Rivotril in a day is 20mg.

The recommended dosage for treating Panic disorder: Initially take Rivotril 0.25mg via the oral route, twice a day. You need to maintain a dosing of 1mg via an oral route once a day. The highest dose decided in a day is 4mg orally.

There are some of the side effects associated with the use of Rivotril such as body pain, chills, cough, and problem in breathing, dizziness. You can be safe by following some of the cautionary steps like Avoid taking alcohol products while being on this medicine as it may increase the severity of Rivotril. If you are pregnant then avoid taking alcohol as it may affect the unborn baby.

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