Lyrica is one of the finest regimens for nerve pain condition

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Diabetes is one of the most emerging medical conditions among human whole over the globe. When diagnosed at an early stage then it might be possible to control or manage blood sugar level to live a normal life but if you are on long therapy of anti-diabetic drugs then it can be little troublesome. However, sometimes diabetes can lead to nerve damage resulting in nerve pain condition in the patients. Nerve pain generally starts with throbbing, very sharp, persistent pain in the nerves of your body that starts to send imbalanced or damaged signals to the brain causing pain. Hence, the response of the brain is needed to be altered to depress nerve pain by altering the transmission of nerve pain signals. The best treatment option for treating neuropathy condition in patients is Lyrica medicine.

Description of Lyrica:

Lyrica 200mg Pregabalin tablets is an effective medication that helps patients with the treatment of neuropathy or nerve pain condition. This happens because of nerve damage condition due to health conditions of shingles (herpes zoster), diabetes, spinal cord injury or fibromyalgia condition. Hence, Lyrica is useful in easing the uneasy nerve pain due to damage to nerves. Lyrica, in addition, is a therapeutic moiety for treating epilepsy and convulsion conditions.
Lyrica is accessible as a brand that encloses Pregabalin as a functional component and it belongs to the category of GABA analog. Therefore, the potent action of Lyrica medication is to bind to GABA receptors and enhances the function of GABA neurotransmitter followed with the declined transmission of nerve signals to the brain from the damaged nerves. Therefore, by blocking the pain transmission to CNS (Central Nervous System), Lyrica is efficient in reducing nerve pain and relax your mind.
Dosage regimen of Lyrica-
Lyrica comes in 25, 50, 75, 100, 150, 200, and 300mg dosage strengths as capsule formulation. Lyrica capsules are suggested to be taken as a whole using water and irrespective of the food intake.
Hence, the dosing schedule to treat the condition of diabetic neuropathy is 50mg dose taken for three times daily. If needed, then the dose may be increased to 300mg after an interval of one week.
The dosing regimen to treat the condition of nerve pain due to spinal cord injury is oral consumption of 150 to 600mg dose starting with the lowest dose of 75mg taken for twice daily.
The dosing schedule for treating neuropathy due to shingles is 75-150mg dose taken for twice daily or 50-100mg dose taken for three times daily.

Adverse effects that users relying on Lyrica may encounter with includes dizziness, tiredness, nausea, headache, blurred vision, dry mouth, constipation, vomiting, back pain, weight change, bloating, or increased appetite. Hence, dose alteration is never advised without consulting the physician else, the overconsumption of Lyrica can lead to drug dependency and sudden discontinuation may lead to cause withdrawal symptoms.

Hence, the precautionary measures to be taken care with the use of Lyrica are as follows-

  • It is cautious to take Lyrica if you experience allergic reactions to any moiety of this medicine.
  • Using Lyrica under certain health conditions such as suicidal thoughts, drug or alcohol abuse history, liver, kidney, heart, or bleeding issues is contradictory.
  • Use of Lyrica in children, geriatric individuals, pregnant women and breastfeeding mothers is conflicting.
  • Alcohol intake with Lyrica therapy can cause aggravation of adverse effects and may worsen your condition. So, this must be avoided.
  • Make sure not to indulge in activities that demand alertness after using Lyrica such as driving, operating any machinery or similar.

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