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Seizures are the mainstay of Epilepsy and to understand them is important for both therapy and self-consciousness. Seizures are classified into two categories one is generalized seizures and other is focal seizures. A seizure has got many symptoms and for a better understanding they are divided in terms of their symptoms, one of them is the motor capability. When a seizure begins, the part of the brain it affects suggests a lot about what may happen during a seizure, what symptoms may occur and how it can affect an individual and the determination of right medication. Another very important criterion is to know whether the affected individual is conscious during the seizure. In terms of movement, whether it happens or not during a seizure, there are two types, Motor Symptoms, and Non-motor symptoms. When you are discussing seizures in general, these classifications are not required yet there are many specific cases in which they have come handy.  

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The motor symptoms are characterized by rhythmical jerking movements which are sustained (clonic), limping as muscles become weak (atonic), tension or rigidity in muscles (tonic), twitching of muscles (myoclonus), or contraction and relaxation of the body also known as epileptic spasm. Non-motor symptoms which are also known as absence seizures can either be Typical or Atypical. Sometimes in absence seizure, one can experience brief twitches that are reserved to a specific part of the body, in some cases Eyelids. The understanding of Epilepsy is important as there is quite a lot of stigma related to it and people tend to misconstrue facts. As far as availability of right treatment is concerned, there are various medications available which are capable of handling epilepsy well and one such drug is Rivotril 2mg tablets.

Rivotril is an immensely used drug which is the first preference of leading physicians all across which is also a representation of significance of this drug in the treatment of epilepsy. Rivotril has a high potency and effectively deals with the onset of seizures of the varying order of intensity. Rivotril contains  Clonazepam as its functional ingredient, which functions as an antiepileptic remedy in a wide range of patients including infants, children, and adults.

Clonazepam (Rivotril) is a benzodiazepine class of drug that acts by slowing down the nervous excitement in the brain. Clonazepam binds to the benzodiazepine receptors present on GABA receptor, forming a complex which has an increased affinity for GABA neurotransmitter which is inhibitory in nature. The increased GABA concentration brings about hyperpolarisation by increasing the calcium influx, the result of which is muscle relaxation and calmness of brain.

Rivotril has to be taken orally with water and is available in 0.5, 1 and 2mg of the dosing range. For the management of Epilepsy, the most recommended initial dosing is 1.5mg taken in three divided doses. The dose may be increased gradually over 2-4weeks time. The suggested adult dose for maintenance of therapy is 8 mg to 10 mg per day in 3 divided doses. 

Side effects of Rivotril:

  • Tiredness, sleepiness, unsteadiness
  • Muscle weakness
  • Difficulty in coordination, drowsiness
  • Libido change, visual disturbance

Precautionary measures to be followed:

  • Use of alcohol is prohibited if you are relying on this therapy.
  • This is a habit-forming drug, do not take it in higher than prescribed amount and for a longer period, you are also advised not to share this medication with anyone as there is a chance of drug abuse which can be really harmful to that person.  
  • If while relying on this medication, you feel any alteration in your behavior, the-ough or mood then you are advised to consult your doctor immediately.

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