Rivotril: For an Effective Management of Your Seizures

27.04.18 Posted By Samuel

It is hard to live with ailment; it is even harder when you do not know the reason behind that disease. Epilepsy or seizures is one such condition, which is often unexplained but affects a person’s life very deeply. Simultaneously the loved one of that person suffers as well. Seizures are unexplained and untimed; you can get them anytime, anywhere. They take a major portion of your time, energy and can leave you embarrassed in front of strangers or even your friends.

A seizure is the burst of electrical signaling in the brain which manifests in the form of involuntary movement of the body that includes shaking, trembling and uncontrollable jerking of the arms. Though moist seizures are an idiopathic but certain condition which might play a role in the development of seizures are:

1. Low oxygen supply to the brain
2. Massive head injuries
3. Brain tumors and
4. Genetic conditions

Rivotril is an excellent remedy that is used for the management of seizures in adults.

Fortunately, seizures can be controlled with the help of anti-convulsants available in the market, which reduces the number of excitatory neurotransmitters in the brain that reduces the electrical activity in the brain, thereby bringing down the seizures. RIVOTRIL is one such anti-seizure medication that is quite helpful in managing seizures in adults and children.

Rivotril is an accomplished remedy that is used for controlling the seizures in adults. This medication is a popular anti-seizure medication that is used for the successful treatment of generalized and myoclonic seizures in particular. This medication is also used extensively to treat anxiety and panic attacks in people. Clonazepam is the main functioning moiety present in this medication. Clonazepam is a benzodiazepine category of drug that acts on GABA receptors and potentiates the action of GABA.  It is an inhibitory neurotransmitter that decreases and decelerates the excitation of nerve signals getting to the brainstem, thereby alleviating the conditions of seizures and the anxiety troubles.

Rivotril is available in the strength of 2mg in the form of tablets. For the successful treatment of seizures, a dose of 2mg is to be given in divided doses in an entire day orally with a plenty of water. For the treatment of anxiety or panic attacks, you need to take 1mg of Rivotril thrice a day with a plenty of water. Do not take more than 4mg of Rivotril in a day. In the case of overdose, you must look out for medical attention immediately.

Annoying effects of Rivotril are the feeling of depression, memory problems, dizziness, drowsiness, and tiredness, loss of coordination and balance and memory troubles.

Precautionary measures taken with the use of Rivotril are:

1. Stay away from the consumption of alcoholic beverages and sedatives while using this medication.
2. Do not drive, operate heavy machinery or perform laborious tasks while using this medication.
3. Stopping this medication suddenly is inadvisable as it could lead to withdrawal symptoms.
4. Do not use this medicament for a very long time as it may lead to addiction.
5. This medication is not meant to be used by pregnant women, lactating mothers, and children.
6. Anyone below the age of 18 years should consult his or her doctor before using this medication.
7. Keep this medication stored in a cool and dark place away from the reach of children and pets.

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