Take Vilitra to Keep Up Your Erection for Longer Time

28.09.17 Posted By jason

Failure to gain an appropriate erection for an intercourse is due to the hidden issue of erectile failure or dysfunction problem. Moreover, when a man turns flaccid in his penile shaft and can't take up his erection stiff for a longer time than it's the case of Impotence or Dysfunction of erectile. Lose erection and inability to stay functional for longer time period in bed invites grief in the intimate relationship of the person and turn the relation on the verge of breakup.

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Lose erection develops a sense of insecurity in the couple. Men tend to avoid getting intimate because he feels like losing his manliness in the eyes of the partner whereas women get entrapped in the dilemma that her man has now lost interest in her and is dating somebody else. So, the minor failure of the erection of penile of men declines the interest of the couple in making out physical lovemaking.

Failure in erection develops low self-esteem in the MAN, effects his psychological condition and causes many other issues in between the relationship of the spouse and the wife. Men sometimes get unable to attain fuller erection due to reasons such as diabetes, hypertension, hypotension, obesity, injury in groin and surgery in the spine. This dysfunction if not treated on time that it hinders the functioning capability of the reproductive organs and later might delay the conception of children.

Alcohol abuse, cigarette smoke, and poor testosterone concentration are the major contributing factors of Erectile Dysfunction. The treatment available for this case is Vilitra medicine, the brand consisting of Vardenafil active ingredient. The way via the medicine empowers itself in the men is shutting down the action of enzymes Phosphodiesterase-5. Role of which is to break down the molecule of cGMP. So, inhibition of the action of this chemical entity raises up the levels of cGMP in the tissues of the male penile part. That later causes the dilation of arteries supplying in groin and relaxation of muscles underneath the shaft. Therefore, turn the erection of penile part erect and stiff till the couple attains the satisfying pleasure.

The posology to take up Vilitra dosing is one tablet for one time in a day prior 40-45 minutes of making intimate love. Take this pill before or after having the food but just do not chew the pill underneath your teeth. Do not repeat dosing twice in the lapse of 24 hours. The effect of the pill can be seen in shaft once the men attain the arousal to make love.

Adverse indications of taking Vilitra dosing is a flushing of the face, stiffness in lower back, congestion in the chest, runny nose, sore throat, myalgia and shivering in legs. As a preventive measure men must avoid self-operating any machine or riding a bike. Men are recommended to not to take nitrates and poppers medications in simultaneous to Vilitra medication. Grapefruit juice, alcohol and tobacco smoke might cause worsening of effects of Vardenafil medication.

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