To treat any pain of body take Dihydrocodeine

18.05.18 Posted By Brenda

Pain is an unpleasant distressing physical sensation experienced by one and all either due to an illness or because of an injury. Sometimes, being emotionally unwell also gives homage to pain to live in our body. Pain not only hurts our body comfort but also puts a strong impact on the patient personality, attitude, beliefs, emotions, mental calmness but may also distort his way of living the life.

There are no defined threshold levels above which patient is said to experience pain. Its inception may happen all of sudden or its development may occur in the body slowly that may or might not reach the chronic levels. On the basis of intensity, pain is categorized into three different categories acute, chronic and cancer pain. Some factors that may shoot pain inception in the body include biological, emotional, cognitive and sometimes environment might also shoot pain in you.

It’s almost difficult for the patient to sleep a sound sleep in the night and feel enthused and active in the daytime. The most common pain observed by the body is muscular ache due to stress, overuse, tearing, fatigue, torsion, twitches whereas the most annoying and chronic pain observed in the body is neuropathic pain.

Dihydrocodeine 30 mg maximum dose is one such drug that is effective against several different kinds of body pain ranging from acute to chronic range. Either talks about pain because of surgery, injury, accident, nerve damage, joint ache or because of other medical conditions like a Migraine, Menstrual discomfort or abdominal cramp, cold, flu or because of exposure to harmful radiations. Therapeutic class to which medicine Dihydrocodeine falls in is an opioid painkiller. Mechanism via Dihydrocodeine functions in the body of humans is obstructing the perception and transmission of pain signals from the site of injury/surgery to be sensed by the nerves and the brain.

Dihydrocodeine is a unit dose formulation available in strength of 30mg. This tablet is available as a prolonged release formula means once taken exhibit its effect for long-term and easily manages the mild to moderate and moderate to a chronic range of pain. Consume this pill only with water without crushing and chewing. Those patients who have sensitive stomach must avoid this medication without food. One pill after every 6 hours in a day is effective for managing the pain in the body. The pill is safe to take by children, adult and elderly. 

Some common adverse effects of taking Dihydrocodeine include wooziness, diarrhea, Gastric irritation, constipation and difficulty to maintain concentration. As cautionary indication patient should avoid taking medication unless suggested by a physician as one may have hypersensitivity towards it. Pregnancy and lactation are two clinical conditions in which dosing are not recommended to patients. Alcohol should be strictly avoided by the patient when taking Dihydrocodeine. Those people who’re suffering from breathing troubles must dodge the use of active medicine. Vehicle handling and machinery work to be avoided later taking the pill.  

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