Want to Escape Forced Pregnancy Go For Abortion via Mtp Kit

20.04.18 Posted By Aj lee

Abortion is a mystery term for some it brings happiness but some it becomes the cause of sadness. “Happiness” for those women who have conceived under a totally adverse condition like molestation/rape or under the instance of forceful incest by the spouse to fulfill his urge of having children or to simply completing desires of the family members to add up grandchildren in the family against the wish or mutual consent from the wife that may later impact her career in an adverse way.

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Couples who are going through up and down of the relationship then it has observed that men attempt to forceful incest or make their partner pregnant in disguise of using protection but actually they forbid the use of any protection and intentionally turns their female counterpart pregnant just to prevent the falling of relationship or torture the women mentally about the kid and the strict rules against abortion. There are numerous ways in which the pregnancy is forced or imposed over the women like some men put the women in their honey trap, get married and turn them pregnant just to get permanent visa of the country.

Our male dominating society is using this way for generations to rule over their women decisions and snatch away the independence and stability of their life. With changing time though there is some change in the abortion guidelines but still, they are as strict as before. But with time one thing has also changed, the women nowadays are confident, educated and know all the cures to flew away from the trap of such forced pregnancy threats of the men and the method via they do this is Abortion but not the older times by the modern approach that is through the pills which we call medical way of Abortion.

MTP kit is the most sold and famous brand across the globe that induces abortion in women in a natural way like we get menstruation every month. There are two different types of pills in the packing One is Mifepristone 200mg and other 4 pills are of Misoprostol each of 200mcg dosing. Abortion pills are the easiest way to induce self-abortion at the comfort of home in complete privacy but the only thing to keep in mind use these pills before crossing the 9 weeks safety limit and only if the pregnancy you’re carrying is entopic pregnancy.

The first pill a woman has to consume is Mifepristone 200mg over the empty belly preferably in the morning and others(Misoprostol- 4 pills)you can consume after 2 days of taking the first dosing through sub-lingual route or put the pills deep inside your vagina. Later taking these pills you may bleed vaginally for 2 weeks to be clear of the uterus. So, it becomes essential for you to visit the clinic or the physician to confirm that uterus is empty of all the unwanted fetal debris.

Mifepristone stops the synthesis and release of female pregnancy hormone Progesterone which is essential for the formation of endometrial lining the one that supplies the fetus all the nutrition and oxygen. Hence, pregnancy will shatter down by this single dosing. Misoprostol other induce a strong uterine contraction and dilates the vaginal opening to flush the fetal contents out in form of monthly menstruation.

Adverse signs of using MTP Kit medications are heavy menstrual bleeding, cramping in the abdominal region, nausea, dry throat, vomiting, headache and stiff back. Some cautions woman can trail with MTP Kit medications is avoiding the alcohol, and oily foods. Do not get into the heavy workout and intimate activities during the vaginal bleeding. Remove IUD before you place pills in the vagina.

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