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Product description of A-Ret Gel 0.025%

A-Ret Gel 0.025% encloses generic Tretinoin as an active pharmaceutical element which is projected for the treatment of acne. Generic Tretinoin falls under the category of drug known as Retinoid which is a natural metabolite of retinol. Including acne treatment, it also works to recover the skin situation like dark spots, fine wrinkles, or rough skin. The mechanism of working of active drug Tretinoin is to increase the pigmentation by increasing the eradication of melanin in the dermis. It builds up collagen levels in the skin cells to improve fine wrinkles.

How to apply A-Ret Gel 0.025%?

A-Ret gel 0.025% is a topical preparation and must be applied on the surface of affected area of the skin. Before applying wash the affected part of the skin with water and mild soap to eliminate excessive oil and dirt completely. Then pat dry with the help of a soft cloth and wait for 10-15 minutes before you apply the gel.   Take a small amount of A-Ret Gel and apply on the affected part of the skin once a day at bedtime. To get an adequate therapeutic comeback you to have apply this gel for at least 8 to 12 weeks. Acne may become worse at the beginning of the treatment, but don't discontinue the treatment as it is working on the acne from inside the skin.

Never apply an extra dose of the gel as excess dose of the gel will not provide any quick results but may harm your skin. 

What are the drug interactions of A-Ret Gel 0.25%?

A-Ret Gel 0.25% impairs the activity of the drug when used along with the combination of following medication:

Bendroflumethiazide, Chlorpromazine, Chlorothiazide, Chlorthalidone, Cyclopenthiazide, Ciprofloxacin, Demeclocycline, Fleroxacin, Doxycycline, Fluphenazine, Hydrochlorothiazide, Gemifloxacin, Indapamide, Levofloxacin.

Side Effects A-Ret Gel 0.025%

Individual who uses A-Ret gel 0.025% may face some side effects such as Dryness of mucous membranes, changes in skin pigmentation, fragility,  sweating, paronychia, mood alteration, erythema, pruritus, dehydration of skin with scaling, Hair thinning, cheilitis, , suicidal tendencies,  photosensitivity, psychotic symptoms, depression,  intracranial hypertension, and seizures.

Warnings and precautions should be followed while applying A-Ret Gel 0.025%

 You must be aware of the conditions which are not in the favor to use A-Ret Gel:

  • Do not apply this gel if you are sensitive to any ingredients present in A-Ret gel 0.025%.
  • If you are using this gel during pregnancy or lactating period then you require doctor permission to use this gel.
  • If you are suffering from the skin conditions like abnormal high white blood cell (WBC) count, bleeding or blood clotting disorder, severe bladder infection, stomach ulcers or ulcerative colitis, severe bladder infection, liver and kidney diseases, diabetes or thyroid problems.
  • You are recommended not to apply the cosmetic product on the skin while using this gel.
  • Keep away from excess sun exposure when you are using this gel as it may make your skin extra sensitive towards the sun.
  • Do not cover the area of application.



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