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Brief overview of Cytotec Abortion Pills

Cytotec Abortion Pills is the most efficient medication used for the termination of unwanted pregnancy under 7 weeks or 49 days of gestation. Cytotec is the renowned brand for generic Misoprostol to be used as an effective and safe abortion pill to terminate an unwelcome pregnancy in a private manner. Pregnancy termination using Cytotec pills is known as a medical abortion procedure.

Working mechanism of Cytotec Abortion Pills

Cytotec is a pack of Misoprostol pills having the 200mcg strength of each pill. Misoprostol is a prostaglandin category medicine. Thus, Misoprostol is a synthetic analog of prostaglandin that causes the strong uterine contractions leading to uterine rupture and with the softening of the cervix; Cytotec drug expels the uterine contents of abortion out from the women body.

Dosing regimen of Cytotec Abortion Pills

One pill of Misoprostol present in Cytotec brand is of 200mcg strength. Thus, for the induction of self-abortion using Cytotec, a woman should take total 12 pills of Misoprostol in a manner of three pills as a single administration at every 4 hours. Cytotec pills need to be taken either via oral or vaginal administration. Orally if you are taking, then take either by sublingually or by buccally. Vaginally, you need to insert deep into the vagina. After 2 days interval, go for medical tests for the confirmation of complete abortion.

Before using Cytotec pills, take care to remove the IUD (Intrauterine device) if you have placed it else, it will interact with the medication.

Contradictory conditions for the use of Cytotec Abortion Pills

  • Pregnancy duration above than 49 days or 7 weeks is unsuitable for termination with the use of Cytotec pill.
  • Females under the age of 18 years should not take Cytotec pills.
  • Nursing mothers should never take Cytotec pills without recommendation.
  • Hypersensitivity problem relating to any component of Cytotec pill is a conflicting condition for the use of this drug.
  • Some medical issues can worsen if you take Cytotec pills under these situations of blood pressure, abnormal vaginal bleeding, or any other heart problem.

Drug interactions of Cytotec Abortion Pills

Dexamethasone, Corticosteroids, Rifampin, Phenytoin, Ketoconazole, or Erythromycin drugs are some numbers that can show interaction with Cytotec, so never combine Cytotec to any other drug unless suggested.

Side effects of Cytotec Abortion Pills

You can say these effects as side effects, but these are actually the effects of abortion that include abdominal cramps, vaginal bleeding depending on gestation time, headache, back pain, nausea, drowsiness, tiredness, or diarrhea.

Precautions while taking Cytotec Abortion Pills

  • Women on Cytotec pills must not take alcoholic beverages and avoid the habit of smoking or drug can lead to interaction.
  • Take a healthy nutritious diet, take proper rest, and stay away from laborious tasks so that you can recover fast from the side effects.
  • Protect yourself from infections and pregnancy again by avoiding either intercourse or by using an effective barrier of contraception. 

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Abortion with Cytotec Review by Emma
I feel ashamed to discuss the news of unwanted pregnancy with my family member. So, I wants a confidential method to terminate unwanted pregnancy. After using Cytotec abortion pill, i feel relaxed and complete my abortion in a private manner. (Posted on 9/29/16)

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