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A Brief Introduction to Latoprost Eye Drops

Latoprost eye drop is a renowned medication that is used to treat the disorder of open-angle glaucoma or ocular hypertension. The medicine puts down the excessive ocular pressure within an eye of an individual and prevents the condition of patients from further worsening of open-angle glaucoma. Increased ocular pressure can lead to the damage of optic nerves and might cause a gradual loss of vision. Thus, Latoprost eye drop manages the pressure in eyes by regulating the outflow of aqueous humor in eyes.

Functioning of Latoprost Eye Drops

Latoprost eye drops functions by draining the surplus amount of aqueous humor fluid out of the eye. Latoprost is a Prostaglandin analog, a type of chemical substance present though out the body that helps in draining the accumulated liquid from within the eye. This simple mechanism can treat massive troubles of the eye like glaucoma, ocular hypertension, vision disorder and other related problems too.

Dose frequency of Latoprost Eye Drops

Individuals are prescribed to instill only one drop of Latoprost eye drops in their eyes during evening time by slightly slanting the head in the backward direction once a day. Put the drops only after washing or cleaning both the hands and face. Keep your eyes closed for a duration minimum of 1-2 minutes after adding the dosage into your eyes.

Contraindications of Latoprost Eye Drops

  • Do not use this medicine if you are allergic to its constituent.
  • The medication is not for children below 18 years of age.
  • Evade the use of this medicine if suffering from disorders like anaphylactic reaction, hepatic, and liver.
  • Do not instill the medication in women who are pregnant or breastfeeding.
  • Do not instill Latoprost eye drop, if you have recently undergone any surgery or injury of eyes.

Side effects of Latoprost Eye Drops

The patient can meet some common side effects temporarily like blurred vision, or other symptoms like itching, dryness, redness, and increased production of tears, pain and swelling in eyes, dark circle may develop around the eyes, swelling of the mouth, face or tongue and skin peeling.

Drug Interactions of Latoprost Eye Drops

Latoprost eye drop shows interaction with medicines containing Bimatoprost as an active ingredient.

Storage Condition of Latoprost Eye Drops

Store the Latoprost eye drop away from direct heat or Sunlight and moisture. You can keep the medication in the refrigerator but do no freeze it and keep the same out of the reach of children.

Precautions should be followed while using Latoprost Eye Drops

  • Maintain a sufficient gap of minimum 5 minutes between two respective doses of different medications.
  • Do not forget to remove makeup and contact lenses prior to instilling Latoprost eye drop.
  • Never instill the eye drop more than the prescribed dosage, because it does not cure your condition faster, but can lead to any other problems of eyes.
  • Always cover your eyes with sunglasses before going out on Sun.
  • Do not touch the tip of container while instilling the dose into the eyes else may transfer the microbial flora into them.

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