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Brief overview of Librium 10mg Tablets

Librium 10mg Tablet is a prominent brand for the Generic Chlordiazepoxide, which functions similar to benzodiazepines because of the same category of medication. Overexcited state of mind is referred as anxiety that is treated with the use of Librium. Moreover, Librium is also beneficial in treating anxiety that arouses prior to any surgery and in the condition of acute alcohol withdrawal symptoms.

Working action of Librium 10mg Tablets

Librium (Chlordiazepoxide) is a drug that possesses sedative-hypnotic properties in order to calm down the central nervous system by acting on GABA, which has inhibitory effects on the brain to soothe the anxiety states. Thus, Librium proves to be a CNS depressant drug because of calmness and sedative traits.

Dosing regimen for the use of Librium 10mg Tablets

Librium oral formulations are meant to be administered via oral route with water irrespective of the food. For treating anxiety disorder, the usual dose is Librium 10 mg for 2–3 times daily and 30mg as maximum dose as daily if needed but in divided doses. For severe symptoms of anxiety, Librium 20 mg is taken for 2–4 times daily. The maximum dose can be taken up to 100 mg daily in divided doses. Librium medication should not be consumed in more than prescribed dose or it can lead to drug dependency that can be risky for your health.

Contraindications for the use of Librium 10mg Tablets

  • The issue of oversensitivity to any ingredient of Librium drug makes it contradictory for the use of this drug.
  • You should not use Librium for your condition if you are pregnant or breastfeed unless you are not suggested.
  • Alcohol or drug abuse, liver, kidney, heart, lung and glaucoma are some conflicting medical conditions for the use of Librium.

Side effects of Librium 10mg Tablets

Blurred vision, dry mouth, constipation, stomach upset, weakness, drowsiness, loss of appetite restlessness, headache, and fever are some undesirable responses of Librium drug.

Precautionary measures while taking Librium 10mg Tablets

  • Smoking and consumption of alcoholic drinks can worsen your condition of drowsiness and impair your thinking ability. Thus, do not involve in tasks that need alertness after consuming Librium medication.
  • If you suddenly stop the Librium drug, then you may suffer from withdrawal symptoms. Therefore, reduce the dosage first prior to the complete stoppage.
  • Patients with suicidal thoughts history need to be taken with precaution. 

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