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Buy Melalite Cream 4% - Hydroquinone Cream

Hydroquinone, Glyceryl Mono Para Amino Benzoate cream 

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What do you know about Melalite Cream 4%?

Melalite cream has vital component as Hydroquinone that reduces melanin formation in the skin. Melanin causes skin darkening due to excessive sun exposure. It is because of melanin that skin color is brown. More the melanin darker is the skin color. Melalite cream, when applied, lessens dark skin area such as melasma, freckles, age spots or chloasma. It shows its action by declining melanin synthesis and is effective as skin bleaching agent.

What is the dose requirement of Melalite Cream 4%?

For effective prevention and control of Chloasma, Freckles, Melasma, Senile lentigines and melanin hyperpigmentation of some areas, you should apply Melalite cream two times every day in adult patients. For pediatric patients, apply Melalite cream on affected areas two times per day daily.

What should you do if overdose of Melalite Cream 4%?

Excess of dose may cause severe skin reactions. Do not use more the quantity than prescribed by a doctor.

What should you do if you miss any dose of Melalite Cream 4%?

Missed dose should be applied as soon when you recall it or if your next dose time is near then start applying from that day. Do not use two doses at a time.

What is the method of its use Melalite Cream 4%?

Always wash your hands before its application. Make sure to do a test on skin to check if you had irritation, redness, or blistering. If no allergic reactions occur then only use this cream. Wash the affected area and let it dry. Rub the medicine on the affected area so that the cream gets absorbed into the skin. Do not cover the area.

What are the contraindications with Melalite Cream 4%?

  • Do not apply if you are hypersensitive to this drug.
  • It is not approved for use in children who are less than 12 years.
  • Melalite cream is contraindicated in pregnancy.

What are the storage conditions of Melalite Cream 4%?

You should store Melalite cream in between 15 to 30 0 C. Keep away from direct sunlight, moisture and heat. Store at a safe place away from children reach.

What are the side effects of Melalite Cream 4%?

Some after effects you have with Melalite cream are as

  • Burning sensation, dryness or cracking
  • Excessive stinging, irritation
  • Blistering, blue-black darkening of skin
  • Excessive redness, minor redness
  • Allergic reaction (hives, rash, swelling of mouth/face)

What are the warnings and precautions to be followed with Melalite Cream 4%?

  • Always wash your skin before each application.
  • Limit exposure to the sun by using protective cloth or sunscreen.
  • Melalite is for external use, if it gets into your eyes or mouth, wash immediately with an excess of water.
  • Stop applying on bruised or injured skin.
  • Cease the use of any other medications containing resorcinol, phenol or salicylic acid.
  • Avoid using with skin products containing hydrogen peroxide or benzoyl peroxide. 

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