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Generic Flunarizine 10mg Tablets - Migarid 10mg Tablets

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Brief Introduction of Migarid 10mg Tablets

Migarid 10mg Tablet is a common and most sold medicine of migraine in the corner of the world. Generic Flunarizine is a main active constituent found in Migarid and it belongs to the class of Anti-migraine medication. It is an effective therapy to counter the sensations of a pulsatile headache on one side of the head may be with or without aura means that a patient can encounter some visual disturbance either due to flashing or due to shimmering of lights. The medicine has an added advantage over other migraine medicines that it can be taken as a prophylaxis to migraine headache and reduces the intensity and frequency of migraine attacks.

 Mode of action of Migarid 10mg Tablets

The generic of Migarid medicine is Flunarizine. It belongs to the class of non-selective calcium antagonist means prevents the nerve fibers present in the brain from further excitation and shows moderate inhibitory activity on certain other chemicals responsible for triggering severe pulsatile headache in an individual or can make them sensitive towards the light, sound, food, drinks, aroma or weather.

Dosing schedule of Migarid 10mg Tablets

Migarid is the renowned medication used for the prophylaxis of migrain, central and peripheral vertigo. It also cures peripheral and cerebrovascular disorders. The patient can take this medicine once in a day, orally by mouth at bedtime with plenty amount of water or as directed by the physician. A patient can take only 5 to 10 mg of dose in a day and is safe for the use in children and adult. The medicine is so used widely in adjuvant with therapy of epilepsy. To get the maximum effect the therapy can be continued up to 6-8weeks.

Contraindications of Migarid 10mg Tablets

  • A patient suffering from either depression or acute phase of stroke or arrhythmia, then do not use this medicine.
  • A patient suffering from Parkinson disease should not use this medicine.
  • Patient allergic to medicine must omit the use of Migarid.
  • Patients who are pregnant or breastfeeding then it is necessary for them to seek for the physician's advice.

Side Effects of Migarid 10mg Tablets

The patient can encounter some common side effects like weight gain, drowsiness, heartburn, dryness of mouth, rash, mood swings, confusion, irritation, agitation, delirium.

Interactions of Migarid 10mg Tablets

Migarid show interaction with following category medicines like MAO (Mono Amine Oxidase) Inhibitor, SSRI (Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitor), SNRI (Selective Norepinephrine Reuptake Inhibitor), Sibutramine, TCA (Tri-Cyclic Antidepressant).

Precautions should be followed while taking Migarid 10mg Tablets

  • If you are an individual addicted to smoking, alcohol or other caffeinated beverages than surely tell this to your doctor else may enhance your side effects.
  • Do not drive or operate any machine after intake of Migarid because it develops drowsiness in the person.
  • If you are in the postmenopausal phase then must consult your medical conditions with your physician.

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