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Azelastine Hydrochloride (a-ZEL-as-teen)

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Brief description of Optivar Eye Drop 5ml

An Optivar Eye Drop 5ml is an immaculate therapy to cure the allergic conditions of the eye. This is a renowned ophthalmic preparation used for combating infection of only eyes. The major dynamic agent of the ophthalmic preparation is generic Azelastine. The medicine belongs to the therapeutic class of an Anti-Histaminic that shows its effect by inhibiting the release of histamines, the culprit agents responsible for causing itching or developing allergies. Optivar eye drop is an effective medicine for treating the redness or irritation in eyes because of contact lenses.  

What is the correct method of administration of Optivar Eye Drop 5ml into the eyes?

Instill only one drop of Optivar ophthalmic solution into your eyes twice a day or as suggested by the physician keeping in mind your diseased state. The patient suffering from infection either can instill the drops by self or can take help of other. However, should make sure that the dose is being administered after proper cleaning of the face, eyes, and hands with a mild soap. Keep the tip of container slight away from the eyes to prevent any transfer of microbial flora or contamination. While instilling the dose put your head a slight tilt in the backward direction and should look towards an upward direction and pull down the skin of lower eyelid with slight pressure in order to make a pouch of your lower eyelid. After instilling the dose, apply a firm pressure on the corner of the eyes with your fingers to prevent any drainage of eye drop. Follow the same in your second eye.

What are the Contrary conditions associated with the use of Optivar Eye Drop 5ml?

  • Do not instill Optivar eye drops into your eyes if they are red due to any other issues of eyes or some infection.
  • Do not instill Optivar eye drop into your eyes without the prescription of doctor if you are pregnant or a breastfeeding mother.

What are the associated side effects with Optivar Eye Drop 5ml?

  • The patient relying on Optivar therapy can encounter some common side effects such as Headache, Blurred or Hazy vision, Stinging or burning sensations in eyes, Bitter taste in mouth, slight Pain for few seconds in eyes, Drowsiness and Swelling of the face, tongue or throat.

What are the precautions associated with the usage of Optivar Eye Drop 5ml?

  • Remove your makeup prior adding drops into your eyes.
  • You should have to wait for at least 10minutes after using Optivar eye drop in order to reinsert the contact lenses.
  • Always add the drops to your eyes by removing your contact lens to prevent any damage.
  • Discontinue the use of medicine if the condition does not improve after the continuous use of medicine.
  • Maintain a gap of minimum 15 minutes between the two eye drops used for either same or different condition or do as per the physician's advice.

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