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Buy Prosoma 350mg Tablets - Carisoprodol 350mg

Generic Carisoprodol 350mg - Prosoma 350mg Tablets

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Brief description of Pro soma 350mg Tablets

Pro soma 350mg Tablet is a brand name that contains generic Carisoprodol as the active chemical component, which belongs to the class of medications known as centrally acting muscle relaxants. Prosoma lessens the painful conditions of muscles by obstructing the transmission of pain between the brain and the nerves. Painful conditions of musculoskeletal category belong to muscle spasm, sprain, or any injury. Meprobamate is the active constituent of Carisoprodol that shows anxiolytic and sedative properties.

Dosing regimen of Pro soma 350mg Tablets

Prosoma is a well-known medication that is available in oral formulation with the marketed strength of 350mg. An adult patient when suffering from muscle pain can take a dose of Prosoma 350mg for two-three times in a day. The usual dose for a geriatric patient should take as half of an adult patient's dose. A patient facing painful condition is generally prescribed for the duration of 2-3 weeks therapy of Prosoma. Thus, time and dose of Prosoma may not increase or it can lead to serious health risks of overdose. It is the case with the sudden withdrawal of Prosoma drug as it can lead to withdrawal symptoms of stomachache or sleeping problems.

Contraindications of Pro soma 350mg Tablets

  • Prosoma is not allowed when ingested under certain medical conditions of heart, liver, kidney, or respiratory disorders.
  • Prosoma should be restricted unless not recommended in case of pregnancy or breastfeeding.
  • Medical history of drug or alcohol abuse and hypersensitivity towards any constituent of Prosoma drug is not safe to consume Prosoma medicine.
  • Prosoma is ineffective and unsafe to be given in children below the age of 12 years of age.

Infuriating effects of Pro soma 350mg Tablets

You may feel some infuriating effects after consuming the dose of Prosoma as if nausea headaches, vomiting confusion, lightheadedness, breathing problem, allergic reactions

Precautions while taking Pro soma 350mg Tablets

  • Prosoma can modify your consciousness and vision, so take every possible precaution while doing any task that demands attention.
  • Smoking and alcohol drinking can lead to serious side effects if consumed while taking Prosoma drug.
  • You should never share your drug with any other person even if he or she has similar symptoms.
  • You can do light exercises and take proper rest with Prosoma therapy for quick relief.

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