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Buy Valdoxan 25mg Tablets - Agomelatine (Noveltin)

Generic Agomelatine 25mg - Valdoxan 25mg Tablets (Noveltin)

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Have a look through the description of Valdoxan

Generic Agomelatine of Valdoxan is used to bate depression and anxiety. It belongs to an anti-depression class of medicines. Depression varies from person to person that continuously cause mood disturbance and interferes with every day's life. Symptoms of depression are sadness, loss of sleep, anxiety, changes in weight, feeling of worthlessness, mood swings, and slowed down feeling.

Have a look through the mode of action of Valdoxan

Agomelatine functions by selectively showing agonists action at melatonin receptors (MT1 and MT2) and it shows selective antagonists action at serotonin 5HT-2C receptors.   

Have a look through the dosage of Valdoxan

The dose of Valdoxan you must take is 25 mg single tablet at night time. Sometimes your doctor may prescribe a high dose of 50 mg (two tablets at one time at bedtime). Its's action will be seen within two weeks of its treatment. It should be taken orally with or without meals.

Have a look through the contraindications with Valdoxan

  • Do not take if you have a hepatic ailment.
  • Never consume when you have allergic reactions to its ingredients.
  • Do not consume if you are using Fluvoxamine.
  • Not prescribed for patients below 18 years.

Have a look through the precautions of Valdoxan

  • Before using in gestating state and in lactating mothers ask your doctor.
  • There are chances of giddiness so prohibit driving and other harsh activities.
  • When you are obese, ask your doctor for advice.
  • When you are suffering from bipolar disorder, increase the level of hepatic enzymes, dementia, take advice from your doctor.
  • Avoid alcoholic drinks, as it will worsen your side effects.
  • If you are lactose intolerant then ask your doctor before using it.

Have a look through the side effects of Valdoxan

Some side effects that are common with Valdoxan are difficulty in sleeping, headache, diarrhea, dizziness, tiredness, back pain, anxiety, increase in liver enzymes in the blood, abdominal pain, nausea, and excessive sweating.

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