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Generic Moxifloxacin Opthalmic - Vigamox Eye Drops

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A Brief Introduction to Vigamox Eye Drops

Vigamox Eye Drop is a brand well recognized in the world for its antibacterial action. The medication contains generic Moxifloxacin as an active therapeutic agent belonging to the class Fluoroquinolones antibiotic. It prevents the infection of the eye by blocking the production of proteins essential for the survival of bacteria. The medication is immensely useful in combating the growth of bacteria in eyes but not useful against fungal infections.

Mode of Action of Vigamox Eye Drops

Vigamox shows its antibacterial action by prohibiting the function of Topoisomerase II/DNA gyrase and IV enzymes. The enzymes Topoisomerase II and DNA gyrase are responsible for the transcription, replication, and repairment of the bacterial DNA whereas Topoisomerase IV is responsible for partitioning of DNA of the chromosome during cell division.

How to use Vigamox Eye Drops

To overcome the bacterial infection of your eyes the patients are advised to instill an only single drop of medication thrice a day and have to continue the therapy for minimum 7 days. It is recommended to shake the bottle prior adding the ophthalmic solution into the eye. While administering the drop put your head slightly bent in the backward direction and keep your eyes closed for minimum 2 minutes and can put slight pressure on inside corner of the eye for to restrict the flow of liquid through the tear duct.

In case you miss the dose due to any reason, then add it as soon as possible when you remember but if the next dosing time is nearer than avoid doing so.

Contraindications of Vigamox Eye Drops

  • Do not use Vigamox if you are allergic to its constituent.
  • Do not use Vigamox if you have any fungal infection of the eye.
  • Do not instill the medication in women who are pregnant or breastfeeding.
  • Do not use this medication if you recently had undergone any surgery or injury of an eye.

Some common side effects associated with Vigamox Eye Drops

The patient can encounter some related side effects for short duration of time like burning, itching, redness of eye and eyelids, stinging, dryness, tearing and blurred vision, blurred vision, pain in the eye, enhanced tear flow and swelling of eyes.

Interactions of Vigamox Eye Drops with other medications

The patients are not advised to instill any other eye drops while on Vigamox therapy unless you are advised by the physician to do so.

Storage Conditions of Vigamox Eye Drops

Store the Vigamox Eye drop in a cool and dry place away from heat, moisture and from the reach of kids.

Precautionary measures associated with Vigamox Eye Drops

  • Remove your contact lenses before instilling the medication into your eyes.
  • Always wash your hands with hand wash before and after its usage.
  • Vigamox may result in blurring of vision so avoid any strenuous activity like driving or operating a machine just after adding the medication.
  • Always remove your makeup or any other cosmetic product like false eyelashes before adding the medication.

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