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Generic Vardenafil 20 MG Tablets - Vilitra 20mg Tablets

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Product description of Vilitra 20 mg Tablets

Vilitra Tablets 20 mg comprises of generic Vardenafil as a main working element in them.  It is an oral medication, which is approved for the man patients to give relief from erectile dysfunction. Vardenafil the active ingredient of the medicament is categorized under the inhibitor of enzyme recognized as a PDE-5 enzyme.

How does Vilitra Tablets 20 mg work?

Erection dysfunction follows mostly due to contraction of the blood vessels near the penile region. This drug shows its action by slow down the action of PDE-5 blocker that helps to lessen the blood vessels, recovers the proper movement of blood to the man reproductive system, and achieve the craving of sensual intercourse. For better outcome have this drug when you are planning for interaction moment and continue for physical intercourse.

How to take Vilitra 20 mg Tablets?

Vilitra is easy to get in the dose strength of 20 mg at our web portal. Men have to take a dose of Vilitra 20 mg, orally with plenty amount of water, one time in a day within 24 hours. For the effective result, take the dose 45 minutes prior to being engaged in planned intercourse. You can consume the medication with or without food, but you are advice to cut down the ingestion of high fatty food, as it may slow down the drug activity. The effective result of the drug lasts up to 4 to 5 hours.

Conflicting factors of Vilitra 20 mg Tablets

  • Men are not permitted to use the Vilitra if they are sensitive to Vardenafil present in them.
  • Take extra caution while taking the medication if suffering from liver and kidney disorder.
  • Use of Vilitra 20 mg is not permitted if men have the issue of low and high blood pressure.
  • Use of Vilitra is contrary if men are not permitted to be involved in intimacy due to cardiovascular disorder.

Side effects of Vilitra 20 mg Tablets

Some of the infrequent side effects that occur due to this medicine are myocardial infarction, higher or lower blood pressure meant blood pressure might fluctuate, loss of audible range, renal-related difficulties, liver damage, faintness, gagging, dimness, cheat ache, fainting, loss of visualization, nausea.

It sometimes creates an allergic reaction like burning sensation, eruptions, irritation of the skin, tenderness of tongue, throat or eyes.

Preventive measures of Vilitra Tablets 20 mg

  • Do not acquire this medicine with alcohol or smoking for the cause that it increases the hazards of side effects.
  • Never consume this medication along with alcohol or cigarette smoking to prevent drug side effects.
  • You are not permitted to use the grapefruit or grapefruit juices while taking the Vilitra 20 mg.
  • Never rely on Vilitra 20 mg if you are already on the treatment with nitrate derivative.
  • Drive carefully after taking this medication as ingestion of this medication may lead to dizziness.

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